Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion
Publication information
  • Creative Assembly
  • Activision
Release date
  • September 27, 2005
  • Real-time tactics
  • Turn-based strategy
  • Single player
  • Multiplayer
  • Microsoft Windows

Rome:Total War Barbarian Invasion was the first expansion pack for Rome: Total War. This expansion extended towards the Western, Eastern Roman Empire and the Hunnic (Hun) factions. New features were integrated into the expansion pack.

Factions Edit

The player in Rome: Total War:Barbarian Invasion has the ability to take control of any factions, some of the factions from the predecessor won't be included in this version.

Roman Edit

The Roman Empire (West and East) represented a broken empire; once a united Empire.

  • Western Roman Empire: The Western Roman Empire controls half of Western Europe, they do appear very advanced; but they're still weak due to the size of the territory. In the expansion the Western Roman Empire will be faced with countless rebellions and will struggle to maintain the cities, they'll also be faced by the Huns who will attempt to take control over the territories.
  • Eastern Roman Empire: The Eastern Roman Empire holds many territory throughout Eastern Europe, like the West the Eastern Empire can be weak at the start; but depending on the course of the game, they may turn out stronger.

Hunnic faction Edit

The Huunic faction are a Nomadic tribe; they have a group of fierce warriors at their disposal.

  • Huns: The Huns in the game are considered to be very tribal, certain abilities are available to the Huns whereas other civilizations don't have the ability. Huns are able to sack any town or when needed leave the town and then move to another area of the map.

Rebels Edit

  • Rebels: are very common in the Total War series, they can have some features available; they are however a non-playable faction. The Rebels this time do not have such a massive territory than it's predecessor.

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