Rome: Total War
Publication information
  • Europa Barbarorum
  • Development Team
Game engine
  • Europa Barbarorum:
  • Rome: Total War engine
  • Europa Barbarorum II:
  • Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms engine
Release date

1.2 / November 21 2008

  • Real-time tactics,
  • Turn-based strategy
  • Single player
  • Multiplayer
  • Microsoft Windows

Europa Barbarorum (or EB) (Latin: Europe of the Barbarians) is a modification (or "mod") of the computer game Rome: Total War (RTW) based on the desire to provide Rome: Total War players with a more historically accurate game experience. Similar to the original game, the player controls an empire with the goal of conquering as much territory as possible and eliminating rival factions, which are controlled by the computer, or AI.

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