A bot is a robot designed for performing certain repetitive tasks on a Wiki. Bots typically require permission to be one, and are occasionally used by negative editors (such as vandals) to damage a Wiki's content.

For the system "bot" is a user group; Special:Listusers/bot produces a list of all users who are member of this group. In addition, "bot" is a user right. Edits by a user with this "right" (rather: property) by default do not show up in recent changes. Typically a user of type "bot" has user right "bot".

Running your own bot

Current and proposed bots

Miscellaneous bot pages

  • Bot policy
  • Vandalbot - advice on dealing with malicious bots
  • Robots.txt - file which tells web robots how to index your site.
  • Help:Administrators#Rollback - includes instructions for using "bot rollback" to hide vandalism from recent changes
  • Botopedia international project for generating Wikipedia articles from statistical data.

Frameworks and interfaces for bot development

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